Piaget: Developmental Psychology and Child Develpoment Piaget Essay

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Piaget's Theory of Child Develpoment
Piaget's Theory of Child Develpoment

In this story about a female named Maricela, developmental patterns are seen clearly. I believe that in the nature versus nurture issue, nurture is the winner. I don’t believe that the reason she went through a rebellious time in her life, is that it was built in from berth. Things that happened to her throughout her life influenced her and built her to what she became. If she wouldn’t have grown up in a good home and had the parental care and concern that her parents gave her through her early childhood years, then it is possible she would have never puller out of that “slump” she got into during her teenage years. What I am saying is, is that because of the good foundation she had as a child, she was able to eventually realize that if she didn’t get her crap together, get her GED, and try to make something of herself, she would never get anywhere. None of this was “genetically programmed” into her at birth, it all stemmed from experiences she had in her life and from the foundation her parents laid for her.

The last issue going to be discussed in this paper is that of her developmental stages. The two “stage theorists” that were studied in this chapter were Piaget and Erikson. They have identified discrete developmental stages and defined them in terms of the typical or average age at which they can be expected to begin and end. They said that as a child like Maricela moves from stage to stage