Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development Essay

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Larry Early
Period 5
AP Psychology
Piaget and Kohlberg Take Home Essay (Retake) In Piaget’s point of view on Andrea’s behavior, she stood in front of Matt while he was watching TV because she is in the stage of preoperational, egocentric. This means she cannot see another person’s point of view. She is only 5 so she has developed it for only a bit. Andrea thought Matt could still see the TV. . On Kohlberg’s behave Andrea did this because she is only focused on herself and has only self-interest. Piaget believes Matt did this because he is in the operational stage. If Andrea is standing in front of Matt, how can Matt see the TV? He thought that Andrea should not be doing this because it’s against the rules and he thought she should be following them. He decided to move her out of the way. Kohlberg’s half is that Matt did this because he’s doing the laws by the laws. In his eyes you are not supposed to be standing in front of someone while they’re watching TV, therefor he moved Andrea. Using Piaget’s theory Billy would’ve used more mature abstract logic and mature reasoning. Billy is in the formal operational stage. He probably would’ve told Andrea to sit down and tell her that what she did was wrong but in a nice way for her to understand. Billy should treat her as she learns not to stand in front of anyone while watching TV and should tell Matt to never push his little sister again. But in Kohlberg’s theory he probably would have had more personal principles