Piano and Chinese Parents Essay

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Minh Pham
Mr. Roy
Honors English III, Per. 6
September 2, 2014

Why Chinese Moms Are Superior The document “Why Chinese Moms are Superior” written by Amy Chua depicts the lifestyle of a stereotypical American-Asian family and its success in mastery of many areas of extracurricular, some of which include piano playing and math solving skills. In Amy’s journal, she discusses particularly about her two daughters and how the strict rules that were reinforced helped her daughters become better at certain activities which they are expected by Asian traditions to master. Amy lists off many things her two daughters were forbidden to do, whilst normal children can. For example, Amy’s daughters, Sophia and Louisa, were not allowed to attend a sleepover or get a grade lower than an A. Following these strict prohibitions, it is evident that consequently, Sophia and Louisa will have much time on their hands, which in turn, their mom will use to enforce vigorous studying and practicing schedules, whichever subject or activity they may do. Specifically in Lulu’s case, playing a certain piano piece was especially challenging, but after being refused permission to leave the piano to use the restroom, or even eat for that matter, all the strict practicing have paid off, and Lulu has successfully played the piece. Amy also takes into consideration the point of view of more Western parents who think that allowing their child more freedom will create a stress-reduced environment for the child, hence more success from whatever the child wishes to accomplish. However, Amy refutes this point of view by