Piant Brand Marketing Strategies Essay

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Behr's market strategy consist of constantly renovating the brand by using different means to reach its consumer. They started out the traditional way by placing television spots, getting subscribers and promotions. As technology grew they found different way to reach their consumer and because of this their brand awareness grew more than other paint brands making their name and logo being know more than others according to research. One of the latest mediums the company has turned to is the mobile market by creating an application allowing the users to start a paint project at anytime and from anywhere just by taking a picture with their mobile devises of the scenery. The mobile app is just like the website with all the different Behr colors and interactions but without the advantage of taking a picture of whatever you want too. Since Behr and Home Depots partnership in 1978 the exclusive retailer has had the task of making interactions with the consumer on point of purchase by displaying the brand etc. Behr is also known for online interactions and being highly involved in the social media sites interacting directly to the consumer.


Benjamin Moore being outspent in advertising has been the american standard for more than 125 years, having loyalist that know the exact color by name its' also the brand used mostly and preferred by interior designers and painting professionals according to Nick Harris, Benjamin Moore's Senior