Pickle-Skiing: A Short Story

Words: 553
Pages: 3

“Pickle! Pickle pickle PICKLE!” yelled Pickle-ski, as he plopped 3 pickles onto his plate. It was lunch time and all the cats happily lined up to get some food. Pickle-ski happily crunched on pickles and relish while Meowski slowly shoved bits of food into her mouth, once in awhile, smushing her soft, squishy sandwiches. Skimeow quickly shoved chunks of orange Gatorade flavoured jello into her mouth, wiping her whiskers on her fur as Athena quietly scolded her. “Lasagna!” yelled Lasagna-ski as he spotted Purrpurr trying to steal a piece of lasagna from his plate. The kittens chased each other around as Kittypatra yelled at the kittens to stop. Purrpurr shoved the piece of lasagna into her mouth, swallowed and looked innocently at Lasagna-ski, who scowled in frustration and stalked back to his mat. Chicken-ski crunched loudly on a piece of fried chicken and Pretty-ski carefully nibbled on a piece of sugar …show more content…
It was warm and fwuffy in there.” mewed Cozy-ski. She rolled around the leaves until a small blanket was covering her. “Yeah. Ewin does dat too. But she also puts a fwuffy hat and mittwens onto me.” Harmony-ski continued. The cats rolled around in the leaves, playfully fighting for more room on the fluffy mound of leaves. “Heads up!” yelled a high squeal as a ball came zooming over their heads. A small and energetic kitten rushed over and threw the ball back. Then, apologizing, she rejoined her game of soccer. A few minutes later, she decided to go surprise her sister, Meowski. She quietly stalked up to where her sister lay, sound asleep and jumped. “You scarwey!” yelled Meowski, who was not wide awake, sitting up in a ready position. She chased after Skimeow, yelling and stumbling and tripping every so often. “What’s up?” asked Athena, with her perfect English. She jogged to Meowski, who was huffing and sitting up with her paws crossed, puffing her cheeks in a stubborn