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Taking photographs means capturing person’s life and memories that are impossible to reproduce. A photograph, no matter how simple, is able to seize a moment that is gone forever, that can no longer be recreated. An image, no matter how old, tells a story that makes one remember the good old days, even the bad times.
For years, I have kept a lot of pictures taken in my hometown in New York and in my new place in Chicago. Whenever I scan through the pictures, I am always brought back to the exact moment when the images were captured. I always end up imagining the exact mood of the day, among other things. Yes, all of the images remind me all the wonderful memories I have created with my family, friends, and loved ones. But still, among the photographs, only one picture remains to be the most special of all- the one when my fiancé and I watched the Dallas Cowboys game back in December 9,2013. Although the picture doesn’t say much except for me and my fiancé being wrapped tightly in winter clothes, this was perhaps one of the best days of my life. Now why is that so? Let me share to you a little story. You see I was a young girl living in New York for ten years who dared to make a big decision by moving to Chicago in 2013. Everything was new to me: the environment, the people, the way of life. You can only imagine the loneliness and the adjustment that I needed to endure. Luckily, with the help of my fiancé, everything turned out to be pretty amazing since he wanted to make my first year in Chicago a memorable one. Being the sweet significant other than he is, he was always spicing things up to ensure that my daily life in a new place would be special. He really never failed me in that aspect, and he had proven that once again when one day, he came home with the news.
I remember that night vividly. I was sitting on the couch, watching the television when he came home from work, all exhausted from his daily routine. But his face was excited, as if he has something very important to tell me. And when he opened his mouth, I was joyful. He told me he would bring me to the Dallas Cowboys game. I could never believe what I just heard that night. A Dallas Cowboys game at the Soldier Field on the cold night of 9th December 2013. I suddenly remember how I came to become a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys. It was a normal Thanksgiving Day in 2001, when I got a chance to see how amazing the Cowboys played. I don’t know why, but every time they play, it seemed like a magical moment that brought me happiness, nothing less than that. So when my beloved announced that we were to attend a Dallas Cowboys game, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the word. The most important person in my life just invited me to watch my most favorite football team play- a dream come true indeed. When the most awaited day cam, I couldn’t hide my excitement anymore. With my blue-painted nails and my Number 9 jersey, I was ready to cheer for my team. Even though It was an extremely cold night, the temperature being at 8 degrees with minus -4 wind chill, I felt warm with all the joy. And to experience it with the person I love most, it was just perfect. The freezing cold didn’t matter at all. Of course, we had to wear layers of clothing, jackets, and some protective gear to keep us warm while enjoying an adrenaline rushing football kickoff between the Dallas Cowboys and the Bears at the Soldier Field. It was an enjoyable game even the Dallas lost to the Bears, 28-45. I couldn’t forget the moment when Dallas’ quarterback, Tony Romo, called for a timeout just to go warm himself up at the heather. I think it was really funny. It was definitely an