Piece and Main Focus Essay

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In the first piece a little boy with brown hair is on his knees and a little girl is standing on to of his getting a drink out of a drinking foutend. In the second piece the subjects are in the backyard of a house where a party is going in holding hands and looking at eachother. The subjects. The subjects in both of the pieces are people. In both pieces it is a boy and a girl. In both pieces they are interacting with each other in some way. However in the 1st piece the subjects are children while in the second piece the people are in the young adolescence. The actual internation they are having with either is different. In the first piece they are being playful like kids do. However, in the second piece they look serious, and are holding hands like it’s the last time they will ever see each other. In the first piece they are wearing red swimming outfits. While in the second piece they are dressed up. She is in a blue dress and wearing a teara and he is wearing a brown vest with green jeans. The subject in piece 1 in poritant with the rest of the piece. The subjects in piece 2 are in the same portion as some of the things in the background, indicating that the subjects are the main focus in piece number one.
The painting of the first piece is taken place at a beach at a lake or an ocean. The picture doesn’t disage is any way which of the two it is. It is during the day and judgeing by the childrens clothing it is hot and the season is summer. The painting in the second piece appears to be taking place at someone’s backyard. Due from the sun peeking through the color sky it appears to be taking place at sunset. And the temperature must also be warm because there is a boat in the water in the background. There is also a house that is all the way lit in the background; along with a boat that has people and is lit up with lights. There is also tents far in the distance which appears to have people underneath it. The sunset is glaring off the lake. In the second piece the background doesn’t have as much other objects. Besides a seashore that has three birds on it and is followed by a body of water.
Just like the location of the birds some of the objects and placement of objects aren’t realistic. For instance in the first piece the birds are located close to the subjects, probably closer then they would ever be in real life. And in real life there probably wouldn’t be a drinking fountend located as close to the sea shore like it is in this photo. If you look close enough there is actual water coming out of the foundtend which is the reason you can’t conclude that they made the drinking foundation and were