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Andrea Healy
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Dear Andrea, Well you’re freshman year is over! Well freshman year is coming to an end it was a good/bad way to start it. I wish I studied harder and took things more seriously I know that I can work harder and I plan to change that ASAP! I was honestly afraid that Biology would kick my butt I was sort of right it was hard and I wish I took 1st semester better. I feared that I would get trash canned because everyone talked about it :/. I feared that I wouldn’t get along with any of my teachers Marching Band is awesome it’s my favorite 1st semester way better than P.E 9A 2nd semester. I wish to do Color Guard and Photography these next couple of years because photography is a main thing I my life and I have a huge passion for it. Color Guard is what my best friend Breanna does and it seems like an amazing opportunity to do it o I decided to try out and I made the team for my sophomore year in 2013-2014. I hope to get up past Algebra 2 because I want to be a success in math because it is the subject I struggle with the most.
` Wow well STUDY, STUDY, and STUDY!!! Don’t procrastinate it bites you in the butt! Remember in freshman year you were crazy over Luis. XD Band camp was the best memory for the start of freshman year because it was fun you met a lot of new people that have made who you are today. Keep in touch with all band/ color guard people. Remember that your math teacher Mr.Wasano was your favorite teacher