Essay on Pierre and Marie Curie

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The topic I chose was Pierre and Marie Curie. Both Marie and Pierre were phenomenal physicists. Marie studied radioactivity with her husband’s succumb. Marie and Pierre invented the electrometer which is used to measure electrical charge. They also invented two radioactive elements, which are radium and polonium. The life of Pierre and Marie Curie consisted of studying radioactivity, examining the particles and energy produced as radioactive atoms decayed, and during the process learned about the electrometer. Marie and Pierre studied radioactivity. Marie and Pierre were very ignorant of the effects of unprotected work with radioactivity. They did not yet realize the price they would pay on their health. However, as they continued to study radioactive substances, they realized that the element thorium was also radioactive. In Marie and Pierre’s later years, she headed the Radium institute and had a lab for radioactivity there. Also, they created hollow needles containing radioactivity that Marie would carry in her pocket.
Next, Marie and Pierre studied particles and energy as atoms decayed that was given off by radioactivity. It was first discovered when Marie saw that the radioactive gas had escaped somehow. Radioactive decay happens when there is a loss of energy, then, the nucleus transforms as the atom changes its shape. It occurs when a nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by exuding particles of ionizing radiation. Passing the radioactivity through a thin, glass window allowed Marie and Pierre to study the radioactive decay of the atom. During the radioactive decay, it also emerged other types of decay including nuclear isomers. Lastly, Marie and Pierre invented the electrometer. The electrometer is used to measure electric charge. The electrometer was very sensitive against measuring electrical currents. The electrometer is used by making voltage to charge measurements with low currents. It…