Pierre Crozat's Twelve Years A Slave

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n the late 1600’s early 1700’s slavery became the prominent issue in what was America at the time. During this time The French passed a law Code Noir, which was put in place by France's King at the time, which was Louis XIV in 1685. The Black Code was in affected in Louisiana until the Spanish took back over. Pierre Crozat’s constructed the idea of bringing slaves into the Caribbean, which was a major topic in class. Later Louisiana becomes a Spanish state. The Spanish passed a new slave laws, Black codes of 1808. During the Antebellum Period the Americans thought that they were helping by enslaving slaves. This is the time period in which the Solomon Northup’s kidnapping happened. Slavery times made up majority of Louisiana history and …show more content…
He was an African American man who was free and worked. Solomon Northup worked as a farmer. Solomon came from a family where his father was a slave but his master then released him from slavery and his mother was never enslaved. Solomon has a wife, Anne Hampton and three kids. In the film, Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon and Anne have two kids together: daughter Margaret and son Alonzo (“Solomon Northup’s Biography.” 2016. web). Solomon was kidnapped in 1841 while trying to find a job, once he woke up from dinner; he was in a holding cell handcuff. Then a man came in his holding ceil and told home that he was not a free man of color any more. (12 Years a Slave. 15:23 – …show more content…
There where times where slaves would rather die than live as a slave because of the treatment. “Perhaps the most shocking scene in the film involve Patsey, a slave who is raped by her slave master continuously” (Berlatsky, 3). It shows examples of the different laws that were going on during that time period. It shows the severity of slavery in Louisiana before we became a free state for slaves.
The French New Orleans article shows that during that time trading was really important. Slaves were really starting to approach but weren’t yet very dominate. New Orleans, Louisiana is the major port for trading with other territories. The major product that was traded was African American slaves. The introduction of rice seeds from Africa, which was the only crop that could grow on Louisiana and slaves who were only people, how to cultivate rice. This assured the lively hood for Louisiana at this