Pig and Land Reform Essay

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Do Pigs Have Wings?

Land reform in sub-Saharan Africa as a part of land use change is a longstanding theme in the literature. The era of state intervention into rural economies using land reform produced widespread changes in countries across the continent. Recently, land reform in South Africa has attracted a great deal of attention as that country attempts to deal with the legacy of racially imbalanced land distribution (Hall 2004). Analyses of land use and cover change in South Africa are less frequent than reviews of land reform activities, but recent work does relate changes in land use to a variety of issues from agricultural viability to potential for land reform (McCusker 2004). Among pigs and other terrestrial mammals that occupy large home ranges and or display fission–fusion social organization, vision can be a poorly developed sense (Drea et al., 2002). In agreement with this generalization, Giffin (1978) and Diong (1982) found that feral pigs have poor vision. They rely on acoustic signals and olfactory communication to maintain group cohesion and social organization. Pig pheromones serve to regulate group behavior. These are produced by the mammary and sub-maxillary glands in females and preputial and salivary glands in boars (Pond and Houpt, 1978). The male pheromones serve both to attract sows in estrus and mediate the boar's social ranking within a group. Diong (1982) described two behavioral patterns for boars when in groups with a sow in estrus: the boar slashed the bases of tree trunks with his canines, marking them with foamy saliva or the boar held its snout directly upward, sniffing the air and repeatedly snapping its jaws. Catholics over twenty-five who leave are conflicted in similar ways but with different precipitating factors. If they stop going to church because family pressure to attend wanes, it can be due to the loss of the more actively committed spouse or the end of the child-rearing phase of life. Older Catholics may object to church teachings, often in regard to divorce and gender roles as much as sexual or moral practices. Each spectral window requires its own technology; and the art of doing measurements differs for each. Therefore astronomers have…