Piggy: Education and Official Languages Essay

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In my Utopia it will be a democratic political system, so everyone will have a say on what will go on in this country. Although it will be a multicultural country the official languages will be English and French. There will be a censorship but it is a Moral censorship to remove materials that are obscene or otherwise considered morally questionable. My society will try and develop many industries that will be beneficial to our society such as a fishing industry to feed our people. We are able to provide this industry because we leave near water and by crashing on an island we are able to develop survival skills such as catching fish. We are also able to develop a wood industry due to all the trees surrounding us in the jungle. We are not sure how to start this industry but as time goes on we will be able to evolve and carry on with the development. With the wood we are able to create some sort of a shelter with the resources we have around us. The citizens will be allowed to defend themselves against crime if the crime is something like a murder other than that they are not allowed to engage in violence. The laws of this country will be severe so that people follow them and are aware of how to be. This country does not tolerate foolishness. You are able to enjoy full freedom under one circumstance, that being you don’t try anything wrong such as murder or rape. Education is valued highly on this island. We teach these children how to survive on their own and…