Pigman Selective Project-5 Paragraph Essay

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Rachel Denyer 5-12-17

Pigman selective project - 5 paragraph essay

Paul Zindel is a brilliant author. He teaches many lessons in his books. In the quote I’m responding to he shares lots of wisdom. The quote says “ We write stories that are going to solve a problem, and what a wonderful job it is to assign characters elements that are going to bother us in our own lives and then to live through a story where they go conflict against conflict, and reach an epiphany and insight and some answer to the problem. And I think that’s where the final lines of the Pigman come in. We build our own cages, which is what the kids finally realize in the end.” To me this quote has a lot of important aspects that I can relate to in my own personal life. When Paul talks about cages it reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite songs. The quote says “ I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.” To me the parallel with these two quotes is that we write our own destinies. Whether we like them or not we still have to push through the hard times and make the best of them. Personally these two quotes remind me to stay strong even when things get rough.This quote also relates to me in my
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When the Pigman died John and Lorraine showed a lot of insight and reached an epiphany. Throughout the book John and Lorraine matured. In the beginning of the book it talked about how John would always bomb the bathroom. He started off as this reckless teenager and by the end of the book became a mature young man. In Lorraine’s case she starts off as being a responsible but overly worried teenage girl but by the time the book came to an end she was still responsible but started to go with the flow and let what happens