Pilot Analysis Of Peterson And Malays

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1.Peterson and Peterson found out through their study that the recall for trigrams was only 5% after 18sec which suggests that duration of STM is 18-30sec but Baddeley found that participants had a worse recall for a list of acoustically similar words when they recalled straightaway, which suggests that STM uses acoustic encoding whereas the recall for semantically similar words was worse when there was a delay which shows that the LTM uses semantic encoding.

3a.a pilot study would be appropriate in this experiment to check if the participants understand the instructions and what they are required to do and to make sure if the picture shown were clear. By using the results from this pilot study changes can be made when its done in the actual study.

b. If the participants are presented with pictures and without pictures then there will defiantly be a difference in the number of words correctly recalled.

c. The participants who has experienced both conditions of the experiment then they would guess what is being expected off tem and act along to it. Which called the Hawthorne effect.
Another reason is that if the groups repeated the same set of questions in both conditions the participants would remember them so they should prepare two sets of questions to make it harder.

d. the table shows that that ppts remembered more words when they were presented word with pictures with the mean of 16 than the images with out pictures with mean of 13 but looking at the range I can conclude that