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PIM813 - Podcast question

Podcast 1: Which perennial issues are most prominent in your organization? Explain.
Answer: In my organization the IT resources are centralized in main servers (data storage centers) spread in few locations, but the end users are decentralized in several satellite locations around the world. Some of the corporation’s software are accessed remotely and has lot of inefficiency built into, once, most of them are software that operate in earlier version of DOS platform, which cannot take advantage of today’s modern IT technologies. The company’s biggest perennial issues is whether or not to invest (millions or even billions of dollars) in more efficient and user friendly system or keep investing in the old DOS platform software/hardware. However, I foreseen my organization discharging all those inefficient software and migrating to user friendly software/hardware to become more competitive.

Podcast 2: Is your organization taking a proactive or reactive stance towards technology trends?
(Don’t feel limited to the particular trends mentioned in the podcast).
Answer: I think my organization is been more reactive than proactive towards technology trend. I do recall when we were making all product drawings by hand, without any software support. Now we are only one or two generations of the technologies back (I maybe too optimist here!). My organization is taking advantage of network sharing programs, where a given product is designed almost simultaneously per different people on different location. All the employees in every level of the organization have laptops and smart phones. No more desk computers or desk phones. However, it is very expensive to keep-up with technology trends. In addition, all the old hand drawing products are digitalized and can be accessed anywhere in the intranet.

Podcast 3: Pick a technology trend, such as Big Data, cloud computing, mobile computing or social media. How is this technology affecting your work or your organization? Explain.
Answer: Although social media still on early marketing stage, my