Pines: A Short Story

Words: 610
Pages: 3

I pulled into my favorite place: the graveyard. I parked in the third row, 7th spot by the rose bush; since you loved roses. It’s been my routine for the past few months. I turn off the car and sit staring at the pure white flowers. The innocence, the pureness. How I wish that could be me. Innocent. Unaware. Unaware of what happens as you grow up. What happens when you lose the most important thing in your life. But I eventually tore my gaze away from the roses, unbuckled my seatbelt and placed my beat up converse shoes on the strangely familiar uneven gravel. Head down, hands shoved in your old school football sweatshirt, I trudged the same path, my feet unconsciously taking me to my destination as my mind focused elsewhere.
With each step,