Pirate or Puritan Essay

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|1.03 Pirate or Puritan: Which one are you? |
|Part I: Answer the following questions on Bradford. (These are the same questions from the Observe page.) |
|In complete sentence format, list three specific details you learned about William Bradford from this reading. |
|I learned that William Bradford was born in 1590 in Yorkshire. He was a silk-weaver for a short time. He wrote a history of Plymouth. |
|In two sentences, explain why you think Bradford is significant in American history. |
|Bradford was a significant figure in the history of America because while being he wrote Of Plymouth Plantation. He also took a very |
|important role as governor of Plymouth, but most of all he represents the American dream in some ways; he rose from an awful childhood|
|of death, sickness, and poverty. |
|What personal tragedy occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown Harbor? (Remember, use complete sentences please) |
|Bradford’s wife fell overboard and drowned. |
|Part II: Write your own journal entry! |
|I have come to acknowledge the presence of a detestable, impudent Pestilence in this New World; a Pestilence known as Pirates. News of|
|the Heathens has traveled fast over the Colonies due to their pillaging of our Merchant Ships. Plymouth Colony has done no ill deed to|
|be targeted by these Wretches. However, they have not only attacked this Humble Colony. I have heard from good repute that these Foul |
|Worms have despoiled the good Market and Land of many other Civil Peoples. Although I am not surprised by the Sinful Nature of Man, |
|these Vagabonds do indeed prove what I, and my Fellows, know is the Truth. |
|It is sickening what they perform, but far worse is the way they are alleged to behave. They dress in upmost Extravagance and |
|Debauchery; they wear Elegant Capes of Lies and Jewels upon Jewels of Treachery. Carnal Delights and all Matters of Sin are what rule |
|their lives. They practice an existence of such Improvidence and Blasphemy without even the slightest concern for Soul Liberty or the |
|Lord’s Wisdom. While I attempt to know God, they attempt to