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Pirate Party
Saturday May 2, 2015
11:00 AM ­ 5:00 PM Weather Forecast from is 85 and sunny. Remember to stay hydrated and don’t forget sunscreen! Pirate Party 2015 is going to be bigger and better than ever! We have a larger event space, live music, we’re trying out some new fencing alternatives. We are so sorry, but In & Out cancelled on us today, they are not able to maneuver the truck on campus. We are happy to report that we’ve found a great replacement, we’ll now be hosting the
Baconmania truck starting at 11 AM. North Quad and Pre­Parties
We need to respect the setting of Alumni Weekend and keep North Quad clear of all pre­parties, alcohol, and drinking games. This includes the north and south sides of Appleby,
Wolford, Boswell, and Green. If we have to repeatedly address pre­party issues on campus
Pirate Party will not happen again. CMC Alumni Weekend Events
Alumni weekend will take place at Kravis Center again this year. To attend any of the events, you must be registered with the Alumni Office. We kindly request that shirt and shoes be worn at all times in the Alumni Club and Kravis Center Area. No swim suits will be permitted. For Monte Carlo:
CMC Students over the age of 21 are invited to mingle and enjoy Monte Carlo with alumni on
Saturday from 9 pm ­ 12:30 am. ID and appropriate dress is required. Business casual or business attire required. Event Entry & Guest Registration
ASCMC has a lot of different things happening that require setup and staffing during the event. We need to prioritize where we spend our time, and as a result we have a limited window for students to secure wristbands. Pirate Party is a 5C event, 5C students can get a Pirate Party wristband from
9:00am­12:00pm on Parent’s Field on Saturday. 5C
Students must have a wristband and 5C
ID to enter the event, wristbands will not be given out after Noon on Saturday. Only CMC students may register guests. CMC students may register one guest here . Please remember you are responsible for your guest’s behavior. Alumni must be registered as a guest if they wish to attend the event. Guest registration ends on Friday at 12:00 pm and wristbands can only be picked up on Friday, May 1st outside Collins during the lunch and

dinner hours.
Guests must be registered and have a wristband and a photo ID to enter the event, guest wristbands will not be given out on the day of the event. CMC Class Specific Events
There will be a
CMC senior only event happening at the Apartments. Again, this is a CMC senior only event, if any non CMC seniors are in attendance, the event will end. All other CMC classes, keep a watch out for word from your president regarding CMC class related activities. Expansion of Activities
There is going to be more happening at Pirate Party than ever before! We have a number of inflatables, pools, bubble machines, food trucks, mist machines, and pop­up canopies for shade. The list keeps going! ASCMC and DOS have been working hard to try to ensure this is the best Pirate Party CMC has ever seen. As always we remind students to drink responsibly, and take advantage of the free food and water! We’ll have plenty of tables set up and ready for you and your friends to play all your favorite games while enjoying the event. We know that you don’t love playing with clear cups, so red solo cups are back for games for this one day only
. Please note that the bars will still be serving beer from clear cups and we will not refill red cups. Keep the red cups in the games area! Event Space
& Fencing
Both ASCMC and DOS are listening when you tell us you don’t like chain link fences, so we are going to try something new at Pirate Party. We will be piloting using bike barricades along the southern end of the event. Please note that the bike barricades are lower to the ground than our typical fencing, which may