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Pirates of the Caribbean sets sail for an action packed, traditionally pirate and plot twisting expedition leaving you desiring for more.

A gun blazing,sword swinging adventure hits the screens with this epic based exploration across the severe seven seas.Isn't about time that we return to the most underused genre? Bring on the pirates!Amazingly, director Gore Verbinski does a great job in delivering a pirate film with entertaining scallywag elements with a sharp-witted sense of humour along side with jaw dropping action; most importantly it doesn't loose its traditional ,historic pirate feeling. Thankfully, he made sure that no big effects, which seem to dominate our 21st century movies, played a big part as this would of left the movie sinking.

The plot along with the action is delivered perfectly .The fast-paced sword play will leave your jaw-dropping. Plank walking, rope swinging, cannons, treasure,parrots , zombie pirates and everything else you could possibly want and imagine is here. Creatively, The supernatural side of the story produces an impressively interesting plot accompanied by incredible effects.

Undoubtably, huge praise should be given to the actors and actresses as they played a performance which was excellent, funny and unforgettable.Charming his way on to the screens, Captain Jack Sparrow, a roguish, mildly insane, hilariously witty lead pirate instantly causes the viewers to fall licentiously in love with him. Who wouldn't fall in love with an irresistible pirate? Superb, memorable acting once again from amazing A-list actor Johnny Depp. Fascinating, wonderful acting also comes from Keira Knightley. Quickly revealing herself as no weak stereotypical 16th century lady, she gives the pirates a run for their swag and her performance and along with Orlando Bloom's, goes great with Johnny Depp's acting.

A very memorable part…