Essay on Pirsoners Rights

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There are issues in New York State about Prisoners rights, some people believe that prisoners should not have any rights but other people think prisoners should have rights. Another issue is are the employees violating prisoners rights. I believe that prisoners should have rights because they need to be able to speak up about conditions of the facility and if they were harmed by a guard or another inmate. Also I believe that employees tend to violate prisoners rights and harm them. The inmantes are in their for a crime and their supposed to be protected not harmed. The reason I choose this topic is because I think it’s a issue that no one really knows about and it’s a major issue espically for people who have loved ones incarcirated. Generally when someone enters the prison system they are giving up fundamental rights and liberty as a payment for their crime. Prisoners should be able to have rights because they need to be able to speak up about the poor conditions that they are living in, if a guard assaults them. Many people think that prisoners should not have rights because they are incarcirated because they caused harm to the society but they are still human beings and deserve to be treated as a human being. Many times prisoners get accused of doing the crime and spend many years in prison for something they didn’t do. Most people think that prisoners are safe in prison, but assualt is a problem every day in prison, when your in prison you have to fight…