Pixar Animation Studios Essay

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“I didn’t come all this way just to see you quit,” this quote by the character Doc Hudson from Pixar’s animated movie, Cars, expresses the feeling Pixar based its company upon for the past twenty years. Pixar has grown, and now, families around the world recognize the company’s name. Over the years, Pixar Animation Studios evolved from a small, amateur business into a large, thriving, world-renowned company. Twenty years ago, George Lucas started a new division under Lucasfilm. The Computer Research and Development Division at Lucasfilm was set up to create new technologies. Digital imaging, electronic editing, and interactivity all required the technologies being created under the new division. Under the leadership of Alvy Ray …show more content…
Pixar’s A Bug’s Life was up against four other animated pictures, but the company once again prevailed and received $360 million in box office receipts which topped Toy Story. Animated shorts such as Geri’s Game were still being constructed at the time of film production. Pixar once again was nominated for and won won Academy Awards. (www.fundinguniverse.com, Pixar company history) In 1997, two major events helping to boost the spirits of all those employed at Pixar. A large financial enhancement presented itself to the company as revenues reached $34.7 million and a net income extended to $22.1 million. The triumphs of both A Bug’s Life and Toy Story brought a new deal with Disney. The companies would work as equal partners and produce five additional films within the following ten years. The two pictures remaining from the old deal would become a part of the five new pictures in the new deal. On top of that, Pixar would sell up to five percent of its common stock at $15 per share to Disney. (www.fundinguniverse.com, Pixar company history) During the last year of the century, Pixar celebrated the achievements of their rapidly growing company. Their most recent success, A Bug’s Life, was released on video and DVD simultaneously, and employees worked hard on the production of a sequel to Toy Story which was planned to be released in November of the