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To stay competitive, Pizza Hut looked to appeal to a wider base, launching new marketing vehicles and products that adhere to the sensibilities of both younger and older consumers. This past year Pizza Hut has experimented with its brand by replacing "Pizza Hut" on take-out boxes with "The Hut," and by pushing the quality of its product and natural ingredients and adding more pasta options to the menu as meal-replacement solutions at home. The marketer has also introduced an extensive series of social media and nontraditional media programs.
Domino's caused a stir late last year by taking jabs at Subway with TV spots touting national taste tests proving Domino's sandwiches were preferred 2 to 1 over Subway's. The ads resulted in a cease-and-desist letter from Subway. Domino's eventually removed the comparison ads but continued to take shots at Subway, featuring Domino's CEO Dave Brandon "oven baking" the cease and desist in a follow-up spot. Domino's also produced ads directly addressing the recession through "The Big Taste Bailout" and "Taste Stimulus Package" promotions. In August, Domino's began a spot called "Chefs vs. Accountants" starring six team members from the corporation's research and development departments. TV
Pizza Hut
TV remains a firm battleground, accounting for about 92% and 94% of Pizza Hut's and Domino's paid media, respectively, according to TNS Media Intelligence.
Domino's TV spots appeared to be more tactical and responsive in the market place, with ads discussing the recession and the value it delivers. Pizza Hut, by comparison, promoted more of its quality and menu range.
Their TV strategies differed significantly. Pizza Hut