Place And Liveability Investigative Research Year 7 GATE 2015 Essay

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Humanities and Social Sciences

Year 7 GATE 2015

Place and Liveability
Your Task
(You may work in pairs or individually and the presentation format is flexible – PowerPoint, Keynote, wall chart, or any other format approved by your teacher).

You are to choose a place anywhere in the world between the latitude lines of 23.5° N and
23.5° S.
This place must be inhabited, can be rural or urban, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a city, but can be.
Once you have selected your place you will need to define the following terms.
Each term must be included somewhere in your final submission.

Place, location, region, liveability, lifestyle, atmospheric hazard, weather, climate and demographic. Your final submission must answer the following questions and include the following features.
Physical Geography •

A map of your chosen place, showing its location and the region in which it is found.

(Remember the features that all maps must have!!)

A climatic graph showing annual temp and rainfall.
(You will be shown how to do this in class and a short video is available on CONNECT in the Content section -Mapping and Graphing Skill Builders – ‘Constructing climatic graphs’)

A list and brief explanation of the likely factors affecting the climate of your place.
Is your place susceptible to any atmospheric hazards?
(Consider cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms) Provide a brief explanation for why your place is susceptible to atmospheric hazards and list any major natural disasters that have occurred as a result of this type of hazard.
Is your place susceptible to any other natural hazards?
(Consider flooding, landslides, earthquakes, tsunami etc.). If so, provide a brief explanation for why your place is susceptible to this type of hazard. List any major natural disasters that have occurred as a result of this type of hazard.

Cultural Geography •

Explain why people live in your chosen place, what makes it unique?
(Consider the sense of place, its unique characteristics - physical –natural resources and cultural – human made structures).

Describe what type of lifestyle this place offers its inhabitants?

(Consider whether it is urban, rural, idyllic, fast pace consumer, slow place with a sense of community, rich and extravagant, poor and simple)

What is the demographic profile of the people living in your chosen place?

(You will need to use an atlas to source this information. Consider, life expectancy, infant mortality rates, birth rates, literacy rates and age/gender profiles)

Demonstrate the level of liveability of your chosen place. (Consider, social, environmental and economic factors. A table on p148 Geography Alive 7 will help).


Selected'place'meets'all'the'set' criteria'and'is'within'the' latitudinal'range'given.'
location'and'region'are'shown' with'a'high'degree'of'accuracy' and'detail.'
place/region'and'includes'all'the' expected'labels'and'accuracy' taught'in'class.'
identified'and'excellent' explanations'have'been' provided.'
identified'with'an'excellent' account'given.'A'natural'disaster' example'is'provided.'
identified'with'an'excellent' account'given.'A'natural'disaster' example'is'provided.'
physical'characteristics'linked'to' the'place,'are'identified.' Clear'and'supported'evidence'of' the'lifestyle'is'provided.' A'complete'statistical'data'