Essay on Place: Parenting and Rudd Sorry Speech

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One of the fundamental concepts of belonging is that to another person through the bond of love or friendship. It is a relationship that emerges from the seed of acceptance, understanding and respect, and leads to the most fulfilling opportunity for belonging. * | Quote | Technique | E xplanation | Feliks Skryznecki | ‘Loved his garden like an only child’ | Metaphor | Belonging: garden was very precious to him as back in Poland he lived on a farm, which is symbolic of his tradition. Also the simile shows the extent of his love, dedication and devotion of feliks to the gardenNot belonging: all this dedication and devotion to the garden can indicate that he may have neglected or didn’t pay to much attention to peter as he was growing up as he nurtured and cared for the garden as if the garden were his child. it is the only place in his world in which he truly belongs. Love for the garden also seems at times to overshadow his love for Peter, his real "only child" | 10 Mary street | love like an adopted child | Simile | The idea of the garden is further explored in this poem as the parents treat it with attentive care. However, in this poem Peter describes coming home and "ravaging" the garden "like a hungry bird"; these words with their negative connotations serve to further alienate Peter from the world of his parents. The garden is used to symbolize his parent's world, the place where they belong, Peter's negative and at times resentful…