Places: Dv and Yosemite National Park Essay

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There are billions upon billions of places in our world. Some of these places have horrible, negative connotations, such as the concentration camp Auschwitz in Germany where countless atrocities were committed, or the Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota where hundreds of innocent Native Americans were slaughter in December 1890. But where there is evil and hate there is always good. We see this in wonderful places such as churches where people worship and better themselves through faith, or perhaps hospitals, where life itself begins for infant babies and where the lives of parents are changed forever, where people are cured and helped. Every place on planet earth, from a dingy diner on the Southside of Chicago to the Palace of the Dali Lama in India all have connotations, feelings, moods, and emotions that come with them. Whether those connotations be negative, positive or undiscovered they are there for every place in the world. But as they have connotations, they are not set in stone, quite the contrary actually. No two people on this planet are the same, they might have the same views or morals or opinions but no two people experience things in the exact same way. So just as people differ in so many things, their connotations of places also differ. Where one person might adore the school that they went through in their youth another might completely vilify it for whatever reason or another. People also have places where they feel more comfortable than others, and even places where they are happy and even completely content. It differs for everyone, from small places such as their favorite spot on the couch, to a childhood tree house to even such a grand scale as the beautiful mountains of Yosemite National Park in California. For me, that place is the exact place I am sitting at this moment, the semi-circular table, surrounded by long legged wooden kitchen chairs and cluttered by a small TV, a video deck, randomized mini DV tapes and DVD’s, pens and papers, and various sound recording equipment, but most importantly a 2008 edition iMac computer. All located in a wide-open flowing room in the tin roofed country house that I live in. This place is so much more to me than simply a computer for checking e-mails and watching humorous YouTube videos on. Granted I do, do a lot of time wasting and goofing of on it, it represents and is in a way who I am as a person. If you are thinking I am a sad little kid who wastes hours upon hours a day playing computer games or surfing the internet for only God knows…