Plag: Research and Academic Writing Endeavors Essay

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One of the most important factors in familiarizing yourself with a new school is to learn the proper procedures and rules on plagiarism (Burkill, 2004). This can be a severe problem facing students and institutions. The best way to prevent plagiarism to be have initiative and learn the viewpoints of your school on this issue. The handbook will give you guidelines and make it easier not to fall prey to this. You do not want to get in trouble for not citing the ideas of another author. The more you know on the issue the more likely you will feel comfortable and confident in your writing which will help you grow as a student.

To help stop this growing problem there are websites that schools use to catch people who cheat on their writing assignments. One website is called I actually used this website in my writing classes at the University of Kentucky. With correctly using APA format you can avoid getting caught by one of these websites. After you research simply make notes of where your ideas came from so you don’t forget. Nowadays, the internet is a valuable tool in academic research especially with company websites. If a student finds themselves using a website as part of their research they will need to make a note of the year they accessed the information and not the year it was actually written. Staying organized in the research process can prevent leaving out something that should be cited.

Simply put, when your use other people ideas and words you have to give them credit through a citing in your paper and also include it in the reference portion at the