Plagiarism: Capital Punishment and Governor Sir Thomas Essay

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English 1101

30 March 2011

Death Penalty: Humanity is not in control of life so why should humanity be in control over death. Life is one of the most valuable things that you can obtain because once it’s gone you cannot have it back. Without life, you will not be able to gain worldly possessions or even be able to accomplish lifetime goals that people strive to obtain on this earth. Most individuals do not even come to the realization of the importance of someone’s life on earth until taken. A variety of conversations that soul had engaged in, everlasting moments shared with family, the ability to reach out too current people all can become a hindrance by taking a life. No one in this world should have the God like power to declare who should live and who should die. Everyone at a point time of their life had some setbacks and events in their life that they regret; wish never happened! I heard this saying once before “there’s always hope as long as there life.” There is always room for change as long as there is life. We as humans are not creators of life; therefore, we should not have control over death by enforcing the death penalty.
Due to recent study, the death penalty law was enforce back in the Eighteenth Century. Back in those days, the death penalty was put to use for punishment for many different crimes. According to death penalty information center, “Death sentences were carried out by such means as crucifixion, drowning, beating to death, burning alive, and impalement.” Research shows that the death penalty first originated in Egypt migrated from Britain through other countries such as America. Further study shows that America was highly in favor of the death penalty and more than any other country. Once America was in favor of the death penalty, they use this as a punishment for every crime. Many countries were influence by the death; instead of time in jail people was being executed. “In 1612, Virginia