Plagiarism: Cheating, Non-Attribution and Patch Writing Essay

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Solana Tadeo
Professor Judith
Writing 102
21 September 2013
In college it is a lot harder to get away with copying others work off the Internet and try to take credit or get away with it. The sources that professors use can search your entire paper and high light what you copy and pasted from another website. High School tried to warn us how difficult college would be and how the policy changed, I am sure there were times were students plagiarized papers but did not get caught. Unfourtanley in college it is not that easy and you there are many consequences for students who plagiarize someone else’s work without giving them credit or sourcing the proper way if you do decide to use someone’s exacts words. After watching the two short videos in class I knew a lot and I learned a lot that will definitely help me in the future. First, I discovered that there are three types of plagiarism: cheating, non-attribution, and patch writing. I knew that if you copy and paste that, that is obviously cheating but I never knew what non-attribution or patch writing were. I learned that if you use even one sentence of someone else’s work that it is still required to cite them. If you don’t cite them than it is still considered plagiarism. Also, if you re word sentences of someone else’s work that is called patch writing, which is also plagiarism. Second, I knew that if you use a quote of someone’s writing that you are required to cite the book, website, or where you got your information from if it was not yours. You also have to cite correctly, citing wrong can lead you do being accused of plagiarism even if you did not mean to. I did learn about copywriting and trademarks, copywriting does not last forever but it is a form of protection; your legal rights to a paper, book, etc. trademarks indicate power of a product, the logo or form; federal documents are copyright free! I thought that was very interesting and something I had never known. Last, before watching the two videos about plagiarism I thought I had known everything about it and the basics of how you can get in trouble. Just don’t copy and paste someone’s work and you can’t get in trouble. That is definitely not the case, I use to re word authors and writers work in high