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Personal Reflection

I am writing this personal reflection to share my final project experience. To begin, the topic of the assignment was really interesting to research upon. I personally learned a lot about how current technology will be developed in the future to make our life style easier (and lazier). For me, the research on my topic was a break from studies (from the core courses) since it refreshed me (my brain got new knowledge which was not related to beams or pipelines), and took me into the world of scientist and tech experts.

The topic I chose for my assignment was “Future of Mobiles- 2025”, the reason I chose this topic was because it was almost similar to some of my courses like electricity and Solidworks designing; also, another reason to select the topic was I want pursue a career in designing cell phones in future (so it is better to get some info now, from which my future employees might get impressed).

1. Roles I had throughout my final project:

Researcher/ Designers
My group Leader (Taylor) handed me the task of researching upon how the designs of cellphones will look like I year 2025. My role here consisted of researching about different ideas of 2025 phones, designing it (on solidworks, which to be honest was the most favourite part of the assignment), researching about how will wearables look like (and what will they do), and to add my research to the “design” section of the website.
Note taker
Since our main note taker could not attend some of the meetings due to technical difficulties; every member of the group had to make their own notes during the meeting and give it to the leader. I attended the two meetings where we discussed about our progression and helped each other out with problems we were facing.
My final role for the project was to check other people’s research part for spelling and grammar mistakes; and advice my fellow group mates on adding extra information to their research. For instance, I gave Chelsea the idea of adding how future phones will work on solar power, and also I told Taylor to add a video to her webpage which would make it easier for readers to know about how augmented reality will be used in year 2025.

2. Roles and grading of my group mates
Grade out of 10
Reason for the grade
Website organiser
Researcher for the “feature” section
The true definition of a leader. I personally think the group members owe her a big thanks for pushing us all in completing the final project on time. She organised a nice genk chart for us (which unfortunately, we could not follow thoroughly due to constraint like midterms, assignments, and projects from other courses). She weekly reminded us in discussion about our due dates, and gave us addition time to complete our “mini tasks” if an appropriate reason was given. Even her research for feature section looked really well written and I personally learned a lot from it.
“Applications” section researcher
Victor was the “app” researcher for our project. He was originally supposed to be our note taker for all meetings, but due his laptop getting completely destroyed; he was constrained to use the one computer in his house which he shared with his sister. The reason I gave him a 10 even though he did not attend any of our meeting is because he told us on time that he could not meet us due to his constrain of sharing a computer with his sister. Other than this, he did a lot of research for his segment (which we can see from his citations), and got his work done on time since he lost a chunk of it during week 9.
“Functions” section
Note taker
Chelsea was the researcher for the “functions” section of the project and note taker for the one meeting she attended. The reason I am giving her a 8 overall is due to many reasons. Her research section was pretty nice (and the hardest of out of the four sections), reading will make one realise she has put work into