Plan: Cosmetics and avant garde Essay

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For my first Avant Garde look I am going to use Rebecca. Avant Garde is something out of the usual and unordinary. Hairdressers who are experimental and create different looks are all based around this. You would usually find hairstyles on the catwalk or in photo shoots, not something that you would see every day.
I am going to spend a small amount on accessories and make up for my model as I already have most of the sources I need. For the makeup I’m taking inspiration from a photo shoot and going to create this on my model. Rebecca will help me with the makeup as she can produce what I am thinking. I will use the colours blue, pink and white as this is all based around where I got my inspiration from.
I will then start on the hair; firstly I will backcomb all of the hair so that it will become easier to work with and fuller. Then I will take sections that I’m going to work on, the first is at the back, I am going to create a vertical roll as I want this to look like an ice cream cone, at the front will be a roll and a small backwards roll to become a ball look alike, as Rebecca has a fringe I will also roll this backwards in a quiff.
For the outfit I want to keep it simple as I don’t want it to overpower the hair and makeup. I will use a blue top to match the makeup and so that it keeps it subtle.

Now that I have finished my Avant Garde look I feel that everything I planned was achieved on the outcome, the makeup I wouldn’t have done differently, as this I felt enhanced the whole creation. The colour scheme I chose went well to fulfil the overall look I was going for. If I was to do this again there would be a few things I would do differently these being how I prep the hair to make it easier, also I could create different shapes to make it become bolder and more creative.
For my second Avant Garde look I am going to use Paige as my model. For this look I got my inspiration from the seasons, as it has just been Christmas I have decided to base the creation on winter.
My budget for this model will be again small as I will use makeup, any added hair and props I have.
To do this I will use a snowflake as a prop in the hair. So firstly I am going to prep the hair by backcombing, I want the hair to stand on top so that it will blend in with the snowflake so I will use hair spray and liquid steel to mould this into place. I will then roll the hair inwards towards