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Communication 101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Dr. Janice Lung
Midterm Project: Plan for Communication Success

Description. The midterm is intended to demonstrate your understanding of human communication in your personal, group, and business life (present and future). Synthesizing what you have learned about Basic Communication Processes (Ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Interpersonal Communication (Ch 7, 8), and Group and Organizational Communication (Ch 9, 10, 11), you will develop your Plan for Communication Success.

The expectation is that you will spend approximately 2 hours reviewing the material in our textbook and your application papers. Then you will spend approximately 5 hours completing your plan. Therefore, the midterm project will likely require an investment of approximately 7 hours.

The midterm is worth 75 points. Evaluation will focus on:

A. Writing Elements: spelling, grammar, formatting, source citation (25 pts.)

B. Analysis: Student gives only superficial information. (10 pts.) Student details information, but offers no thought/application of the information. (20 pts.) Student details information and offers some thought/ application. (30 pts.) Student details information and gives a great deal of thought/application. (40 pts.) Student details information, gives a great deal of thought/application and shows true understanding of the topic. (50 pts.)

Your midterm exam will not be accepted after the due date and time.




Communication Success

Name ___Rich Mahan___

Date __02/28/15___

Interpersonal Relationship with ____family and friends______

I will know that communication in this relationship is competent when:
A competent communicator avoids “violating social or interpersonal norms, rules, or expiations. She or he knows what to say at the right time at the right place for the right reason – appropriateness is not in the words, but in how the words and actions are used in the context of the communication.

Please integrate a minimum of 2 terms (bold) from the corresponding chapter in your responses:

The most important thing I learned about perception (ch. 2) that will help me communicate more effectively in this relationship is:
Selective exposure-the tendency to expose yourself to info that reinforces rather than contradicts your beliefs and opinions
Stereotyping-assume people based on criteria give them expectations and interpretations

The most important thing I learned about culture (ch. 3) that will help me communicate more effectively in this relationship is:
Empathy- The ability to take another person's perspective, and to think and feel as that person does.
Self-image- If you introduce yourself as a mother, part-time student, or cashier at a local grocery store, you are giving some indication of yourself

The most important thing I learned about verbal communication (ch. 4) that will help me in this relationship is
Our unspoken messages are significant because they are the primary way we communicate feelings and attitudes.
Powerful communication: Words trigger feelings and reactions
Symbolic: -Words are symbolic vehicles-Place, event, person, object, idea.Example: Romance:
Candlelight dinner, flowers, crackling fireplace, intimacy

The most important thing I learned about nonverbal communication (ch. 5) that will help me in this relationship is
Nonverbal communication - all aspects of communication other than words: body language, gestures, inflection, volume, temperature, lighting, interaction patterns, and objects that affect personal images.
Non-verbal clues- we rely on nonverbal actions to know when to speak and when to remain silent

The most important thing I learned about listening (ch. 6) that will help me in this relationship is
In the process of communication, the comparative importance of listening versus talking is that listening is just as important as talking.
Listening: being mindful, selecting and organizing