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Your task (in Groups to be decided by teacher): 1. Prepare a business plan with an idea for a small start-up business to be based in London. It must be ‘realistic’ and considered a ‘proper’ business idea. 2. Submit a complete written business plan document (in Powerpoint) to meet the outline criteria evidenced in Introduction To Business Planning Handbook (this has been emailed to you). Prepare a 20 minute presentation (Powerpoint only) based on the business plan. You will present your plan to a potential audience of investors (think Dragons Den!). The document submission and presentation needs to contain the following: • • • • • • • • • 1. 2. 3. 4. • • • • An outline explaining the business idea/product/service – an executive summary. Aims, objectives (make these objectives SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time specific). Your niche in the market. Information about the ‘nature of the market’ – market size, main competitors, marketing plan. Market research: an analysis of primary research that you have done to see if the business idea is viable (you can attach any surveys to the Powerpoint plan). An analysis of secondary research to see if your business idea is a good one. Details of the legal structure your business will have (Private Limited Company or Partnership). Who owns the shares? who is the company secretary? – details of partners etc. Explain why you have chosen this type of legal structure. Details of the business location and explain why you have chosen the location. Give an address, website, telephone and fax number, logos etc on the presentation. Details of where you will get the money from to finance your business. A proposal of the Operational plan and the number and type of staff you will require (including the team). Brief (one page) CV’s of staff to be added to the plan. Details of financial