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My Classroom Plan For Communication

Rodney Hayes


March 17,2013 Mrs.Kutner


My Classroom Plan For Communication

When there is either a lack of or no communication at all very little or nothing gets accomplished. I believe that all classrooms need to have a plan of communication in place. Parents need to be involved with their child's education as much as possible and in order for that happen it is vital that they have a clear orderly way to contact the teacher and the teacher needs a good avenue of communication to contact the parents as well. One very important National Education Standard is for the teacher student and parent to be able to use technology to effectively communicate with one another. As a teacher my class will have a good clear communication plan in place that will utilize a class web page emails text alerts and a contact list in the event of emergencies.
One of the most simplest and interesting methods of communication is a web page for the class. The web page that I vision for my class will include several methods of communication and contain important information that is related to the class. One feature of the web page will be an about the teacher feature. This feature will not only contain my bio so to speak, but it will also include my educational background and work history my mission and vision statements and my personal information so parents and students will know how to reach me. Some important items I feel will be important to list will be office hours or planning periods my work number and extension and my work email. In addition to my information the web page will include other important information that is related to the class such as a homework button that will list all of the homework assignments and I will post the weekly homework assignments at the beginning of the week. My class web page will also include a test and exam schedule that will list test dates including any state test that will be taken throughout the schools year. In addition to having individual tabs for homework and testing these will also be listed on the class calender that will be posted on the main page. The class calender will also list student and teacher birthdays school days as well as scheduled breaks. My web page will also include a class chat discussion forum where current events and class topics can be discussed by myself and my students as well as parents. The class web page will also have a links tab that will list informative and interesting educational links for both parents and students. The class web page will