Plan on How to restructure the Community of Caos Essay

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Plan on How to restructure the Community of Caos
Executive Summary
Mission (Vision) Statement
Two years from now, with my knowledge from World Political Economic class, the community of Caos would be developed with good education systems, good health care, clean drinking water and a direction to a good balanced diet to prevent malnutrition.
Major Objectives of the Plan
Democracy: The political system which my plan will implement is Democracy
Eliminating bribery and corruption
Educating the people of Caos
Open up businesses like factories, shopping centers, and other departments will help create more job opportunities in the community.
Proper management of resources
Keeping and promoting more trade among the neighboring communities
Sincerely Democracy is going to me implemented. Democracy is important because it helps give freedom to the people. It helps the people and society have a voice and their voices heard. Democracy also helps resolve conflicts there well be three branches of Government. That is the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. Just like other democratic countries, the Legislature will make and unmake the laws, the Executive will implement the laws and the Judiciary will interpret it.
So laws will be created when a bill is introduced. Anybody in the community of Caos can make or create at the bill. After that, it will go through the normal process bills go through to be passed to be a law which must be followed.
Laws are made to control the society. As long it is obeyed, everyone should be fine. The laws that would be made my the legislature will be enforced by the police. But first and foremost, law enforcers would be introduced. Organizations like F.B.I and C.I. A in the United States of America would be introduced
Conflicts means disagreement. It does not always have to be fighting. When people do not understand each other, there is conflict. It is natural for there to be conflict in a society because people cannot agree with each other all the time and different point of views normally cause these conflicts.
If solving conflict is done in the right and respectable way, it will help the society or community achieve their goals and ambition which will help in economic developing and building. Conflict solving will also help the members to respect each other and work together in the community
Talking and working together. ( Discussing the problem which will be an open relationship with the two parties. If the communication is open, the people will easily see where the problem is coming from. Listening to the conflict party carefully and showing concern. and speaking very politely.
Staying positive
Gathering information
Agreeing to the problem. That is looking at the problem from the persons point of view and even sometimes putting yourself in the person’s shoes
Thinking and looking for solutions that are possible. There is a saying “Two heads are better than one” Looking for solution is not going to be only from my point of view but also from my co-workers. making sure the possible solutions would be agreeable or people would agree and accept it
Taking the case to court is also a good approach to solve conflicts in the community
The system of economics my system of laws will foster will be the mixed economy. Mixed economy is a kind of economic system in which economic decisions are made by both the individuals and the government. The economy would be controlled by both the government sector and the private sector. Both will decide on how the resources of the community would be used and distributed.
Incentives the people would have to risk to create capital is that, they have to be ready to let go the old style of living and adapt the new way of development I am going to implement. The people should be motivated talented and focused
Taxes are basically compulsory levies that are imposed on goods and services by the government. People can be punished by law if they do not pay taxes.