Plan B Essay

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Plan B
In an aggressive campaign to help reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the state of New York, so schools have begun to offer the Plan B emergency contraception pill to girls as young as 14 without parental consent. Which got us to thinking. If we know what high school students are having sex, is the idea of this pill a good one? We do have Sandra Sotomayor High School, an entire campus in PSJA dedicated to serving the educational needs of teens that are either pregnant or are already parents. Plan B is definitely something worthwhile to explore as long as it doesn’t become Plan A.
Teens now a day do not realize how they can harm their lives. Today’s society is highly influenced by media such as music, TV shows, and magazines. Many teenagers do what every their friends do, and it then becomes a chain of life. People might even try everything to be popular and not thinking about their selves. What people do not realize is that consequences can vary, and the only object they are trying to stop with the Plan B pill is a baby. They are not thinking about STD’s or other diseases that can affect them. Plan B might be a great option when teens realize they messed up and that they are mature and know that’s not ever going to happen again due to their irresponsibility. Plan B, in my own personal opinion is best when the person got rapped, in order so they can save a life from suffering on this world. Everything has a limit, and the limit should be limited.
Looking at the economic way teens do not realize how money comes, but in the most part it goes. Especially in today’s economy money is a very massive problem. Most of the people have economic issues. Teens for the most part end up receiving welfare and they stop their studies as soon as they realize they are pregnant. For people that stop studying then it comes the consequence of having such a bad economy but it then reflects to teachings and education they have received.
Many people get the Plan B option because they know that it’s very traumatic having a real abortion. When people can even die due to an abortion. An abortion is a murder action, people always have their conscience unstable and dirty. Plan B on the other hand doesn’t