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Most of my information on Plan B was done on the internet. When I started this paper I knew nothing about Plan B. What I learned from my research is that the pill has to be taken within three days of unprotected sex in cases rape, condom breaks, or just forgot to take your daily pill. You may get little to no effectiveness if taken up to five days. Plan B has a hormone called Levonorgestrel which is similar to the hormone released by the ovaries called Progesterone. Plan B was approved in two doses by the FDA in the United States in 1999, a one dose regimen was approved in 2009. The Plan B pill is approved for over-the-counter (OTC) used for women 17 and older. Also girls 17 and under can use Plan B if prescribed by a doctor. When the doctor writes the prescription for the patients, the pharmacist has the right to refuse to fill the prescription for the Plan B. The pharmacist received these rights in 2005 which were to protect their religious rights and morals. If it’s a pharmacist choice not to sell it by law they have to send you to a pharmacy that does. I myself believe it should be someone’s choice, not that I agree with it, in cases like rape but there are many children in this country that are not taken care of because their mothers did not want them. If used correctly, Plan B is a safe and effective. But if used over and over, it could be harmful and cause side effects like irregular periods. This is why they put the age limits on it because if a young girl is being promiscuous and bought Plan B daily, it would not be very safe for herself and her body. The safest use of contraception us to use a form of daily birth control such as the oral pill, IUD, or maybe diaphragm. The cost of the Plan B ranges from $35.00 to $60.00 depending on which pharmacy you go to. Some health insurances such as Medicaid will pay for Plan B some of the other private insurances will not. I believe that it should be a little cheaper if not free due to the fact if women can’t afford it and has the baby she will probably end up on welfare and Medicaid anyways. Plan B one step is the only one pill emergency contraception available over the counter. It is a backup method of preventing pregnancy and is not for routine use. It can reduce the chance of pregnancy when taken 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex. This pill offers options that help the uncertainty of pregnancy. This is not an abortion pill, it’s a pill that can stop the release of the egg and any chances of pregnancy among women that are not ready for becoming a mother at the time. Having the Plan B pill offers the assurance that an unplanned pregnancy will likely never happen. Too many young girls in today’s society are not ready for the lifestyle that must be made in order to take care of a newborn. The changes in the daily life for these girls usually ends us as drop outs in school, and the parents of the young girl taking care of the newborn. Some questions that could be asked about the Plan B pill will help offer the life changing decisions that will be made. Some of the questions and answers are mentioned below. How effective is Plan B? It is proven that it is 95% effective when taken within the first 24 hours, then dropped to 61% when taken 48 to 72 hours after intercourse. When is Plan B pill not appropriate to use? If you are already pregnant, if you are allergic to levonorgestrel or in a place of regular birth control. How will I know if Plan B has worked? The pill has worked when you have had your next period, which should come at its normal time, if you are more than seven days late you may be pregnant. How often can Plan B be used? The pill should only be used in emergencies, but there is no medical reason why it can’t be used more than once. Plan B should never be replaced by daily birth control, as it simply isn’t as effective. What side effects could the Plan B pill have? Side effects could be changes in period, nausea, lower abdominal pain, headaches,…