Plane Crash Short Story

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“Death doesn’t discriminate. Between the sinners and the saints, it takes, and it takes, and it takes, and we keep living anyway.” - Aaron Burr, Hamilton. When I first heard this song, I replayed it immediately to hear this lyric again. It pulled together what I had been feeling the past several months into one line. A friend of mine from out of Oxford passed away, and my town had experienced a loss of 6 of it’s own residents in an unexpected plane crash. In the previous months before, I had to learn that life doesn’t stop when someone else’s does. During the summer before school began, I got a phone call around 12:30 am from a friend of mine who lives in Florida. Her voice was trembling as she said, “There was an accident.” She informed me that one of our shared close friends who also lives in Florida had been in a fatal accident. In retrospect, this was one of my life’s most intimate phone calls, but it was shocking news. The next day, the sun still rose. One of the hardest things I …show more content…
All of the cars pulled over and stopped to let it pass, and the people walking stopped and stared. When the trucks had passed, the people walking went back to where they were going and cars carried on as they were. My friend pointed out to me how people always just get back to it even after a disruption. Things happen to sinners and saints alike, but we keep living anyway. Life never takes a break, even if we do. This has become much clearer to me through two somewhat contrasting stories. In one, I felt isolated and left behind by everything that continued moving around me. In another when my town lost six of its own residents, our whole community had to catch up together to get back to the functions of daily life. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. I learned this year that ‘Death doesn’t discriminate.’ It doesn’t pick and choose, and when it happens, we will keep living