Planet and Live Erupting Volcano Essay

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Have you been recently married and are looking to get away? Well the planet of love is perfect for you. Did you know that this planet was named after the roman goddess of love? Well this terrestrial is a fantastic get away for you and the one you love we have everything from honeymoon sweets to couples dinning at our famous asteroid café. You will never run out of fun things to do during the day because one day on this planet is 243 days and an orbit length of 225 days which means that one, day here is longer than the year! Be sure to bring your summer clothes though because here on Venus the temperature gets up to a scorching 465 degrees! I mean what would you expect from a planet that is .75 AU from the sun?! This along with being Earth’s neighbor Venus is about the same size of Earth as well, it has a mass of the size of four fifths of the Earth. Here on the planet of love we also have an atmosphere that most would describe as rather sturdy. The planet’s atmosphere protects the planet from any meteors hitting the planet and that is why Venus has very few impact craters on its surface. This means that there will be plenty of nice round ground for you and your spouse to have romantic walks on. you may also be able to fulfill your life long dream of seeing a real live erupting volcano! There is a large amount of volcanism on this planet. A volcano is currently erupting here and because of all the hot material flowing out of Venus’s interior channels on the surface have formed. There are several cracks and cliffs on Venus due to the twisting and turning of the mantle over time Which means that there is plenty of unexplored and new geography to discover! Weathering and erosion on Venus varies with altitude and winds cause rocks and peaks to erode. Other interesting features include over 1,000 volcanoes across the planet, no magnetic field, and lastly Venus rotates backwards on its axis.

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Are you stressed out and just need to get away? Maybe you are stuck behind a desk all day grading papers and you simply just need to get away. If any of this is correct then my expert opinion is that you need to go on a long vacation to the most distant place In the solar system Pluto! You will never run out of fun