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The solar system was born from a huge cloud of gas and dust.
Earth is part of the sun’s family which is called the solar system. The word solar means “having to do with the sun .The sun is a star- a huge ball of glowing gas. The solar system consists of the sun and the many planets and other bodies that circle it. The solar system is held together by gravitation.

The major planets of the solar system are ; 1)Mercury 2)Venus 3)Earth 4)Mars 5)Jupiter 6)Saturn 7)Uranus 8)Neptune 9)Pluto
The paths of the planets and satellites are called orbits. These orbits are elliptical (oval or egg-shaped).A planet travels fastest in the part of its orbit that is closest to the sun and slower farther away. The larger a planet’s orbit, the longer it takes to travel around the sun.

At the center of the sun, the temperature is 15 million degrees centigrade (27 million degrees Fahrenheit) which means that particles of matter move around at very high speeds. The pressure is 300 billion times the pressure of earth’s atmosphere at sea level.

The surface of the sun seethes with violent activity. There are light and dark patches, hundreds or thousands of kilometers across, giving the surface a speckled appearance.

The inner planets make up only a tiny part of the solar system. Smaller than the the planets are the bodies known as moons, which circle most of the planets. Scientists do not know whether life exist’s anywhere else in space. One reason for this is that