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In the year 2500, a spaceship leaves the Earth with three passengers; their ambitous mission is to reach a region of space never explored. They arrive to a planet that is very similar to the Earth, climately and geographically speaking. They come across human beings, but soon discover they are live like wild animals and possess no language. The intelligent beings in this planet are the apes.

The protagonist, french journalist Ulysse Mérou is taken to a lab as an experimental subject, for it is common for apes to experiment with human beings. One of his companions, young scientist Arthur Levain, is killed by hunters. The fate of the mission's leader Professor Antelle, the Earth's wealthiest and smartest man, is unknown.

Ulysse tries to prove to the apes that he is a rational being, unlike his fellow humans from the planet. The question is: Will he be able to? And if he can achieve that, what is next for an intelligent man in a planet ruled by apes?Ulysse Merou is part of an expedition to explore new worlds, along with his two companions and their monkey pet they reach the new world only to discover that this world has evolution in reverse. Humans are little more than animals to be experimented on while the dominant race are the apes. Ulysse tries to prove that he is more than just an animal by learning the language of the apes and conversing with them. Along with the ape scientists Ulysse discovers that there was a race of intelligent humans on this planet earlier but they were eclipsed by the apes. Finally Ulysse's prescence causes a stir among the apes and he is forced to escsape with his new found love and son to his spaceship to return to earth but a shock awaits him when he arrives.
The review of this Book prepared by Neil Morey

The original novel by Pierre Boulle begins in the same general way as Tim Burton's new movie, although the end is radically different from either the Burton or Charlton Heston file versions. The main