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John Clubb
April 19, 2015
Health 2
Tim Garcia
“Planned Parenthood” Before Planned Parenthood came into my class a few weeks ago and informed my classmates and I about there service I just thought about it as a place people when to either have abortions or get condoms. I never really knew exactly what it did and how it operated until now. Planned Parenthood serves people at the age of 12 and older and its pretty much everyone after that. I became aware of many things about sex that I never knew about and when I thought I knew everything about it. And also gained much more information on STD’s which stands for sexually transmitted disease. Planned Parenthood provides sexually transmitted disease screening and also wellness exams. One pays for these services by either if they qualify for a card called the family pack or their private insurance.
Some new things that I learned about STD’s were how they are contracted and ways to avoid getting them. For example how someone can contract HIV which stands for Human
Immunodeficiency Virus and that there are four ways on contracting it first is thru blood where if someone who already has the disease cuts themselves and you have an open cut yourself and touch their blood you may possibly get it. Second is thru seman thru either oral sex or vaginal sex , third is thru female fluid and fourth is thru breastmilk. Also some ways on preventing an STD is by using barrier methods and or abstinence. Some forms of contraception which I was not to familiar with and find interesting is that there is just not one form for females which I thought was the pill but they also have an IUD and implant for

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females which I never knew before this presentation. Also how frequent we should get tested for STD’s which should be every 3­6 months or year if with the same partner.
I feel…