Planning For Feasibility Study: Pine Valley Furniture

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Planning for Feasibility Study

Pine Valley Furniture is currently going through a proposed transition to implement two new systems into their business. With current sales up at Pine Valley furniture, it has increased the overall workload. One is the Customer Tracking System; this system will be in place to help the marketing department track customers purchases, along with activity and sales trends. The other system being proposed to be implemented is the WebStore. The WebStore will assist Pine Valley Furniture stay current in the market place with other companies that are selling furniture to individual, and commercial alike. In doing so, these systems will generate revenue for the company. It will take some expenditure to integrate the systems, but the overall long run, it will provide profits for the company. The Customer Tracking System will show us, how the company is doing with purchases, it will also show what the trendy products that customers are searching for are, and in addition, it will give the sales department a greater look at the overall sales numbers. The WebStore will make shopping immensely more convenient for customers to purchase from us. Not everybody has the time to go to a store front, the WebStore will give the customers the ability to browse and purchase in the comfort of their own home. Currently we are using a manual method as well as outdated computer software to track sales related information. In this current system we are currently in, it is causing delays in buying trends, and the data that is being generated is taking some time to get to the spread sheet after the initial point of sale occurs. In addition to that, manual data entry can be prone to have errors involved in the process. With this PVF believes that the work is overloading the systems, which in turn is causing more work, because of inaccurate information. The whole system needs to be evaluated against our current manual methods alongside the new computer systems to be implemented. With sales up and growth happening throughout Pine Valley Furniture, it is important we stay ahead of the old ways of doing business. Implementing these systems should handle all customer activity such as, purchasing, support, reporting, as well as assist marketing personal to understand the market as a whole. These new system will put PVF on the market with other competitors, but mainly to better serve our customers. With the market for furniture very vast in nature, it is important that Pine Valley Furniture takes advantage of any opportunity that may present itself. The size of the furniture business is relatively large, with furniture and furnishing sales reaching $101.41billion in the United States. In