Research Paper On Career Planning

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We usually all have an idea of what we want to be when we are little, but us actually sticking to that is not always the case. There are many steps to career planning, usually starting with picking what courses you want to take in high school to get you on the right field. There are many great reasons to plan your career including but not limited to; having an idea of what college you want to go to, knowing what classes to take, and being properly trained so that you are the best at what you do in whatever field you choose to go into. When you’re in 11th grade you start looking at schools, of course there’s the one that your favorite team plays for, and then there’s the one that all your friends go to, but you need to choose what is best for you. You’re paying a lot of money for college you don’t want to fail out because you wanted to spend more time with your friends. When you go into any field there is a certain amount of classes you need to take, if you know what field you are going to be in then there is no mistake of what classes you need to and need not to take. If you already have your career plan in play then you will be able to get through school a lot faster. Being trained is a huge deal; you want to make sure that whatever field you go into, that you have been properly trained for that field. This is especially important in my field which is the medical field because, if you are not trained correctly then someone can get hurt or even die, people are