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Group 2- Caroline Cirisano, Ashley Medina, and
Jasmine BeauboeufManagement Team Planning Report
Preliminary Planning Menu Selection and Beverage Pairings
Our menu has a large variety of bold flavors. Each ingredient on the plate combines with the others to create different textures. Our menu starts off with bacon wrapped shrimp over a bed of red cabbage tossed with sesame seeds. The shrimp will be thread on a skewer with a piece of pineapple than the bacon wrapped around them. The marinade for the shrimp will be a teriyaki ginger sauce. Our flavor combines will give a smoky, salty and sweet profile for the dish. The cabbage and sesame seed will act as the crunch elements on the plate. Our next course is tomato bisque which adds a seasonal comfort feel to our menu. This warm tomato bisque has bold fresh flavors topped with a cheddar crostini. The third course will be a rich and creamy mussel risotto with fresh asparagus. The meatiness of the mussels will add texture to the risotto and the asparagus will bring in that little bit of sweet freshness. The next entrée will be a sweet and spicy chipotle duck quesadilla. The crunchy tortilla will add surface to the seared duck breasts. A crumbled goat cheese on top will be smooth and silky. As a side our sweet potato and corn hash is sure to enhance the sweetness and overall appearance of the dish with a pop of color. For dessert we have a light and healthy white chocolate mousse. A chocolate covered strawberry adds another texture and type pf chocolate to the dessert. Lastly a lace cookie will be used as a crunch element to tie the dish together. Our overall concept for our menu was comfort foods. We all choose items that we would want to eat and cook. We also tried to get a variety of choices of protein, fruits and vegetables. The balance of our menu works because the textures and flavors all come together to fit our category comfort foods.
For the menu items we choose a Pinot Noir with our first course of bacon wrapped shrimp. The smokiness of the bacon and sweetness of the teriyaki will work well with this dry red wine. Pinot Noir is a lighter crisp wine that will complement the shrimp and not take away from all the bold flavors to this course. The wine will bring everything on this plate together with its crisp taste. For our third course, the mussel risotto, we choose a Riesling white wine. Riesling has a dry yet sweet quality that will balance the mussels and risotto together. The risotto will be in a lemon butter sauce with asparagus. The Riesling will really blend well with the asparagus pulling out its naturally sweetened flavor.
Tasting Menu
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Served on a skewer with a sweet pineapple chunk and teriyaki marinade over a bed of red cabbage.Tomato Bisque
Smooth and creamy with fresh basil and roasted red peppers topped with a crunchy cheddar crostini.
Mussels and Asparagus Risotto
A rich risotto served with lemon, fresh parsley, crisp asparagus and steamed mussels in a white wine.
Duck Quesadillas
Chipotle pan seared duck breasts with gooey melted goat and jack cheese topped with a sweet, savory and spicy cherry salsa.
Chocolate Duo
A light and airy white chocolate mousse served with an almond lace cookie and a chocolate covered strawberry over strawberry sauce
Pinot Noir $4.00 paired with the First Course- Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Riesling $4.00 paired with the Third Course- Mussel and Asparagus Risotto
Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte $3.50 paired with the Dessert Course- Chocolate Duo Please inform your server of any food allergies*
Pre fixed Cost - $30.00
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