Essay Planning: Romeo and Juliet and Estella

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Title: Compare the presentation of those in power in Romeo + Juliet and Great Expectations.


Paragraph 1: Power in Relationships and Attractiveness

Estella power over Pip, Juliet power over Romeo
-> They both have obstacles to love each other, Romeo and Juliet are ‘Star-crossed lovers’ and Pip is not a high social status to see Estella. These characters both have to overcome their problems.

Juliet “I would have thee gone…no further than a wanton’s bird.”
A wanton’s bird is a pet usually for spoilt little children, so Juliet is calling Romeo a pet as if he is just there for playing and to be used similar to Estella’s views. There is a contrast between start and end of the sentence to emphasis how she has the power to let him go and to keep him for herself, yet is careful decisive and knows what she wants.

Juliet also plays with Romeo emotions and also playing with his mind by telling Romeo that he can go and do what he wants, but he can’t go to far.

Estella “Do you want me then…to deceive and entrap you”
Estella sounds as if she is asking Pip for him to decide, but underneath it sounds like an order. Both Juliet and Estella share the same views of keeping their ‘boyfriends’ close and playing tricks on them. Estella shows little amounts of feeling towards Pip and is being her true self suggesting she became closer to Pip and

Need more analysis and interpretation

Draft of Paragraph 1:

­Estella and Juliet both share the power of