Plans For Successful Managing Essay

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Plans for Successful Managing

October 7, 2013
Ronald Baker

Plans for Successful Managing
Before going into detail of how I plan to successfully lead my team to achieving the goals that have been set forth. It is imperative that I describe and evaluate the personality traits of the two team members I will be managing, Angela Jones and Rhonda Smith. In order for me to properly manage these two women I need to understand some of their personality traits that may be agreeable or conflict with my own. Both Angela and Rhonda have the same score on the “Jungian 16 Type Personality Test,” which is ESTJ. This score indicates that they are extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. The after reviewing their personality assessment, I have realized that their scores differ greatly from those of my own. My score for the “Jungian 16 Type Personality Test” was ENFP. My score indicates that I am; extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. Although my personality score differs greatly from both Angela and Rhonda’s score, I believe that I can use a leadership approach that will help to relieve any conflict or issues that could arise between the team and myself.
Another aspect of being able to lead my team to successfully achieve the set goals would be my awareness of the generational gap between Angela, Rhonda and myself. I understand that it may be difficult for Angela and Rhonda to follow take direction from me, due to the age gap between them and myself. Not to mention the personality differences that have been described previously from the personality assessment. According to my personality assessment, I am not as authoritative as I may need to be in order to make sure that the job or task set forth is able to be completed efficiently and effectively. I do not believe that the generational gap will be much of an issue as long as there is a clear understanding that I am the manager and will delegate and distribute the work as I believe will best benefit the department and most importantly the company. By saying this I realize that I may have to adjust how I approach or handle certain situations within my team, although I do not feel this will be a problem in the least.
It is essential that I prepare and educate myself with information of how I can appropriately lead and manage my team to be successful at achieving the set goals. In doing this I believe that the leadership behavior I should use when managing my team would be more of a democratic style. This basically means that I would do my best to involve both Angela and Rhonda in decision making to a certain extent of course, but also delegate tasks with some authority and always encourage the two of them to offer feedback whenever they feel the need to do so. I believe that this would be the best way for me to lead my team to success, taking into account that my personality assessment differs from Angela and Rhonda’s greatly. Although the differences of the personality assessment scores between myself and my team members may look to cause some issues or concerns in the future, it is how I take control of my team and make sure that things run