Essay about Plant and Food Web

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Name: Bryan Boyce
Course: SNC1D1
Teacher: Mr. K. Armour
Date Due: 1/10/2013
Period: 5
Building a Food Web Assignment
1. Energy- The Sun Producers- Flowers, Trees, Berries Herbivores- Bee, Mouse, Butterfly, Ant, Deer Omnivores- Bears Carnivores- Lizard, Toad, Frog, Owl, Spider, Fox, Bobcat Decomposers- Bacteria
2. I produced eleven food chains on my food web.
4. Decomposers have an important role in the food web. Their role is to break down waste and dead organic matter into nutrients that can be used by plants. They are kind of like scavenger in a way and they come after the tertiary consumers. The most common decomposers is fungi and decomposers.
5. The most numerous organisms in the food chain should be in the bottom of the pyramid. The bottom of the food chain has plants which are producers. There are many species of plants in different locations. It is hard to tell the most numerous organisms in the food chain because there are many species becoming extinct but there always seem to be a large amount of plants everywhere so therefore it should have a bigger population.
6. The tertiary consumers are the least numerous in my opinion because they are hard to find because they are becoming extinct. The population for animals such as Tigers, komodo dragons, and Polar bears has greatly decreased recently. Therefore the population for tertiary consumers will be decreased.
7. a) If all the producers died there would be no food chains because the primary consumers need them to live. Therefore if they didn’t have producers they could not live and would die which would also cause the secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and decomposers to die.
b) The herbivores are important in a food web. If they were to die most of the secondary