Plant and Sunlight Data Table Essay

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Growing a bean plant how does the amount of sunlight affect the growth of the bean plant?
The bean plant with the most sun light will grow faster and bigger.
2 Plastic, glass jars or 2 plastic cups
A piece of kitchen roll or a napkin
A spoon
Step 1:
Swirl some water around in the jar or cup, and then tip it out and do the same with the other jar or cup.
Leave the jar or cup wet - don't dry it.
The seed will need that bit of water to begin to grow.
Step 2:
Roll up a piece of kitchen roll or a napkin on both jars inside the jar, pressing it against the glass. And roll another piece of kitchen roll or a napkin for the other jar.
Then, slip your bean seeds in between the napkin and the glass.
Step 3:
Put the jar with the bean in it on a windowsill for 6hr and the other jar with the bean in it for 4hr.
Use a spoon to add a teaspoon of water on it every day. Use a plant spray or a spoon to sprinkle a little water on it every day.
Step 4:
After a few days your bean should start to sprout roots. Then, the bean will start to grow a stem too.
The stem should grow upwards, as it looks for the light.
Step 5:
After about ten days your bean seeds should have grown a bigger stem and some leaves. It is now a little bean plant. Use the ruler to measure the plants growth.
To make sure it keeps growing and stays healthy, carefully take it out of the jar and plant it in a large pot…