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Cell wall is surrounded by the cell membrane which provides structure and supports the cell. Cell membrane is an enclosed organelle that separates interior and located around the outside of the cell wall. The vacuole store water and contain substances including ions, nutrients, and waste. Nucleus is the boss and houses cell DNA. The nucelous is involved in the synthesis of ribosome RNA. The nuclear membrane is a double layer between the nucleus and cytoplasm. Organelle that has light energy and carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water is the chloroplast. Extensive system of external membrane that moves protein and other substances through the cell is the endoplasmic reticulum. An organelle that harvest energy to make energy and ATP is the mitochondria. Tiny bodies in a cell that involve in protein are called ribosome. The jelly- like substance in the interior and hold the cells together is the cytoplasm. The golgi body or also known as the golgi apparatusCells are the structural and functional units of all living organisms. Cells may have different qualities according to the organisms that they form and according to tissue types of the species. There are some similarities and differences between plant cell and animal cell in terms of their shapes, the organelles that they have, the features of the organelles that are present in both of them. Animal cells do not have chloroplasts plastids, and cell wall. Animal cells have cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, mitochondria, centrosome, golgi apparatus, cell membrane, microtubules, lysosomes, nucleus and nucleolus. Animal cells also have vacuoles, but vacuoles in animal cell are small in size. Animal cells