Of Size Shape Location Functional Importance

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Size Shape Location Function Importance
Cytoplasm Everywhere Jelly-like substance Plant/Animal
Everywhere around each organelle inside the cell membrane. Protects and provides support to each organelle. It keeps the organelles supported so it is quite important.
Nucleus Quite large Circular Plant/Animal
Usually surrounded by ER Contains materials such as DNA and controls cell activities Very important because it controls the cell
Nucleolus Average Circular Plant/Animal
Inside the Nucleus Produces Ribosomes Not so important
Ribosomes Very small Little dots Plant/Animal
They settle on the ER which creates a bumpy surface and are also found in the cytoplasm. Support for other cell functions or can be used as enzymes. Critical in protein synthesis
Golgi Complex Average Squiggly Plant/Animal
Found near the vacuole Secretion of waste products from the cell is its responsibility. Not so important
Chloroplast Average Oval Plant Creates photosynthesis from the sun.
Gives plants their green colour. Important to make food
Mitochondria Different shapes and sizes depending on the cell Oval Plant/Animal Creates energy for the plant by breaking down sugar Important for plants to move
Endoplasmic Reticulum Fairly large Ribbon-like Plant/Animal Transports materials around cell
Cell Membrane Long and slim Square/rectangular Plant/Animal Between the cytoplasm and cell wall Support and protection Quite important foe cell health and protection
Cell Wall Long and slim Square/rectangular Plant
Surrounds the cell. It gives the plant support. Maintains cell shape and the direction of cell growth Very important because it keeps the cell growing the right way.
Vacuole Very large Circular like a big bubble Plant/Animal
Around the centre of the cell Stores nutrients and helps enlarge the cell during growth Very important because it stores nutrients like water with is crucial for plant growth

I believe the most important organelle would have to be the nucleus because